Figure Study Made Easy
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Figure Study Made Easy
By Aditya Chari
Bachelor of Fine Art from Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Arts in 2000

Size : 9.1/2
'' by 13.1/2" (23.5cm x 33.5cm)
Pages 120
First Edition in Jan 2005

ISBN 81- 900890-9-9

Price: Rs.330/-

Subject Covered: The human figure is a three dimensional structure of solid blocks having
weight and to draw it convincingly you must learn how to create an illusion of solid form on
a two dimensional sheet of paper.

The topics in this book are arranged conveniently in step by step sequential chapters, which
will show you how to capture the spirit and evolution of the figure. This will streamline your
thoughts and result in capturing the essence of the figure in the shortest time. The approach
of this book is based on teachings of the great masters of this subject which resulted in figure
drawings of unforgettable strength and beauty.

This book explains all the necessary guidelines towards the proper study of the human figure.
Whether you want to learn figure drawing as a hobby or make a career out of it, the simple
instructions in this book will help you in achieving that goal.

Remember the key to successful drawing of the human figure is to practise one concept at a time.

Ravi Paranjpe
Painter - Illustrator

Aditya Chari's approach to 'Drawing' reaffirms Michelangelo's statement that 'Drawing is Design'.
And, it is this design aspect that gets percolated in the mind of any one who studies this book
with discerning interest. Every single page of this book is well designed, and
What's more, it also underlines an extremely methodical approach to 'Drawing'.

A special word of appreciation is for Aditya Chari's innovative rendering techniques, that make
FIGURE DRAWING such a scintillating visual experience.

Ravi Paranjape

John Fernandes

This book will guide both students and teachers, in drawing the human figures. The book is
rightly aimed at working & developing the drawing skills. The text is short and to the point.

John Femandes

Prof. Vishwas Narhari Yande
Former Head of the Drawing & Painting Department
Sir J.J.School of Arts.

The number of good books for study of human figures are comparatively very few. This book,
"Figure Study made Easy" , by Aditya Chari which is a sequel to his earlier successful book
"Portrait Techniques made Easy", is equal in all respects to any foreign publication. This book
will not only help in study of human figure but will also acquaint you with animation drawing.

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