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The Gallery
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The Gallery
By John Fernandes

Size : 9.
1/2'' by 13.1/2" (23.5cm x 33.5cm)
Pages : 32
Cover Pages : 4
Paintings : 33 (All in four colours)
First Edition in Jan 2006

ISBN 81- 900890-8-0

Price: Rs.300/-

It is said sometimes that female figure is the most beautiful thing God created. Naturally it is a fascinating subject for all painters. John Fernandes with his extraordinary talent paints figures with ease and confidence.

Now-a-days in the art field when a cyclonic storm of 'creativity' and 'freedom of expression' is going on, John stands like a rock, proclaiming that 'Drawing' in itself is an art and drawing and painting a figure is one of the most challenging subject for an artist.

John is a draftsman of tremendous ability. His confidence and the power of execution make one feel that God stuck a brush in his hand instead of a sword. He draws and paints so naturally that it looks as if he is just enjoying it - especially when he paints a female figure, bringing all the grace and delicacy of the model. Surely he is an artist who can be called a phenomenon.

K. B. Kulkarni
Belgaum, January 2006

I was twelve years old when I did my first figure drawing and
I have been hocked to it ever since. Somehow back in those days
I managed to work with boys and girls belonging to school of art called 'Chitra Mandir'
headed by an energetic artist called K.B. Kulkarni, whom we fondly call 'Sir'. Sir lives in
Belgaum a town in Karnataka. Presently, I live in Mumbai. Whenever we meet we
discuss art and the subject surrounding art. Whatever I know about art today, I owe it to
my 'Sir .' My love for figure drawing and painting is inherited from him (Sir).

I prefer to work from life. I also prefer direct painting which is also called 'alla-prima
', painting from
life usually in one session.
Whether you are a professional, a student, or you paint just for enjoyment, be serious about it and
give your best, have a warm respect for your art and cherish your affection for it.

Always draw or paint from life. You will learn better. You will also enjoy what you do. All the paintings
in this book are done from life. Enjoy the wonderful life of a painter.

John Femandes

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